Top 3 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Attractions are from Intamin

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Top 3 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Attractions are from Intamin

Top 3 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Attractions are from Intamin 1300 730 intamin_admin

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi revs up to give visitors a high-octane ride of their life with the park’s top three speed-demons and ultra-exhilarating attractions.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, winner of the “Middle East’s Leading Theme Park 2020” and the “World’s Leading Theme Park 2020” awards, is a thrill-seeker’s dream, with 43 rides, interactive attractions, and simulators that bring the turbo-charged “Ferrari feeling” to life.

Intamin is proud of having designed and manufactured the top three favourite rides in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as reported by Attractions Magazine.

#1 – Formula Rossa

Reaching speeds of 240 km/h in a mind-blowing 4.5 seconds, this big, bad roller coaster boasts the title of the world’s fastest. Packed with 20,800 horsepower and the same winch system used to launch jet planes, it’s a scream machine that simulates the “F1-race sensation.” Tuck a towel deep in your pocket to wipe down those sweaty hands after your ride, because you’re about to be propelled 45 meters above the ground in less than five seconds!

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Formula Rossa

#2 – Flying Aces

Count Francesco Baracca, legendary “ace of aces,” inspired the world’s first bi-plane themed roller coaster, and Ferrari World made sure it mimicked the hair-raising movements of the 1900s bi-planes. As if that isn’t enough, this beast of a ride has broken three world records, including World’s Steepest Roller Coaster, the World’s Fastest Inclined Cable Lift (51-degree angle, anyone?), and, at 52 meters high, it’s the World’s Tallest Non-Inverted Loop.

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Flying Aces

#3 – Turbo Track

Riders will defy gravity when this monster launches them 64 meters — vertically — through a glass funnel in Ferrari World’s iconic red roof, ending with a heart-pounding zero-gravity fall. Need more? This demon has both forward and backward-facing seats so that guests can experience the launch in both directions for completely different sensations. Prepare to be petrified!

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Turbo Track

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