A Whole New Level of Immersive Ride Experiences: The Dynamic Motion Stage

A Whole New Level of Immersive Ride Experiences: The Dynamic Motion Stage

A Whole New Level of Immersive Ride Experiences: The Dynamic Motion Stage 2560 1601 intamin_admin

Immerse Yourself in an Experience Unlike Anything You’ve Experienced Before!

Intamin’s Dynamic Motion Stage offers a new level of immersive storytelling with a highly dynamic and unique ride system. This ride will stay in your guest’s heads long after leaving your venue.

Experience the Dynamic Motion Stage

An immersive ride unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The main platform of the Dynamic Motion Stage is moved by means of four hydraulic cylinders with a centrally fixed support. The central support ensures a minimal clearance envelope, as the horizontal movements of the platform cannot extend beyond its edge. This means show sets can be built close to the guests and entry as well as exit to and from the ride is made easier with no additional infrastructure required.

The Dynamic Motion Stage is able to perform pitch, roll and yaw movements as well as heaving and dropping your riders up to 3 meters at a speed of 3 m/s, achieving weightlessness sensations. Each cabin pod has unlimited rotation and can simultaneously be superimposed with the rotation of the main platform (also featuring unlimited rotation). This allows you to have full control over the experience of your guests as well as let the guests interact with each other according to your story. The cabin pods can also perform tilting movements if desired. This combination of the overlapping movements creates a multidimensional experience with new, innovative sensations for a highly re-rideable experience!

New Levels of Storytelling

With this ride, your story can now be told on multiple levels. The primary is on eye level in horizontal starting position with a level below the platform as a secondary level, which becomes visible when the stage is tilted. Additionally, a ceiling area above the guests can also be incorporated, which becomes the focal point when the stage is tilted upwards. Through the ride system’s freedom of movements, you always have full control over where your guest’s attention is directed.

This ride offers possibilities for storytelling using physical theming, fully media-based or a mix of both. This makes the immersion even more impressive and puts the passengers in the middle of the action, the vehicles can even interact with each other during the story by turning them towards one another. Due to the seating arrangement, every ride is a different experience resulting in a highly re-rideable attraction.

Stage and Vehicle Designs to Meet Your Need

We have various vehicle configurations to meet your needs. Individual cabins which optionally tilt, facing your riders in the same direction, circularly facing inward or outward, you choose! For an experience as a state-of-the-art motion cinema, the entire stage area can also be configured as one large theatre seating with rows across the whole platform. The configuration options are very broad, we are confident to find the right one for your project. All of the seating configurations are using Intamin’s ergonomically shaped seats with individual lap-bar-restraints ensure maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety.

This attraction is ideal for storytellingadventures for the whole family! This is an exclusive attraction engineered for theme parks as well as for locations looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, as part of an already existing entertainment concept or a stand-alone attraction.

If you are interested in this exceptional ride system, contact our team for more information!

Danse Macabre” at Efteling Coming in 2024!

Intamin is honoured to announce that this ride system was developed in close collaboration with Efteling and will debut with their new attraction “Danse Macabre”, opening in 2024.