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“Amazonia” – The Future of Rapids Rides at Bellewaerde

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Bellewaerde in Belgium just unveiled its latest attraction, Amazonia, to its guests and with this marked a new era for the classic and beloved Rapids Ride. Prepare for an unforgettable experience as you plunge into the iconic Halfpipe, ascend to new heights with the Rotating Vertical Lift and enjoy the world’s first Bungee Drop on a Rapids Ride all in the same attraction!  

Featuring unique elements and state-of-the-art technologies, Amazonia promises riders an unparalleled  ride experience. Hop aboard the vibrantly colored Rapids Ride boats designed for maximum guest comfort. Amazonia introduces numerous innovative elements, some of which have never been implemented before on a Rapids Ride:

Feature 1 :

Inclined Lift

High-speed Inclined Lift.

Feature 2 :

Rotating Vertical Lift

Enjoy a rotating, panoramic view while ascending to new heights. 

Feature 3 :


The thrilling, iconic and picturesque element for a guest highlight and marketing value. 

Feature 4 :

Bungee Drop

World first Bungee element on a Rapids Ride. 
Surprising and thrilling finish to end the ride on a high note. 

Exiting the station, you ascend the inclined lift as the boat traverses the initial elevated section of the ride. After this, momentum is gained following the steel channel path, spinning as you navigate the curves and turns downwards. Following some fun, small, splashes, you’ll descend into a splashdown and traverse a slow-moving floating section. 

Transitioning from the floating channel, you’ll enter the Rotating Vertical Lift, granting great panoramic views as you ascend, slowly rotating, to the 18-meter-high elevated steel channel. This brief final segment leads to the iconic Halfpipe, where you’ll experience an exhilarating drop and make your way down the halfpipe channel, returning to the station via a gentle floating section. 

Finally, surprise awaits as you enter the main mining building at the station. Prepare for an almost weightless moment as you experience a 5-meter Bungee Drop from the top into the mines and up again!

Amazonia embodies the culmination of decades of knowledge and technological innovation which Intamin has gathered over the years together with a great partner such as Bellwaerde, willing to push the boundaries of traditional Rapids Rides to the next level together. We take immense pride in this collaborative project with Bellewaerde and Compagnie des Alpes, extending our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for their dedication, collaboration, and trust in us. 


Opening of Biberburg

Opening of Biberburg 2048 1536 intamin_admin

Ride Length


Maximum Speed


Vertical Lift

On the 09th July 2022, Familypark located in the province of Burgenland, successfully opened “Biberburg”, Austria’s highest Flume Ride.

Biberburg” translated “Beaver Castle”, is the park’s new major attraction taking riders on a four minutes long, adventurous and unique family-friendly adventure. This beautifully themed water ride was built on the former area of the petting zoo and covers an area of almost 5’000 square meters.

Leaving the station in tree trunk themed state-of-the-art 8-passenger boats, riders can prepare for a splashy and fun filled experience on the 325 meters long water ride.

After the first drop right out of the station, riders get to enjoy a nicely themed floating section before arriving at a dead-end fast-moving platform which changes the floating direction of the boat from forwards to backwards. The boats then drop backwards into the next floating section, making their way to the highlight of the ride, a 17 meters high vertical lift. The lift takes the boats right to the top while revealing stunning views over the park. On top of the lift, the boats are back in their forward position, before whizzing down the drop reaching top speeds of approx. 65 km/h. Austria’s highest drop on a Flume Ride is followed by a camel back hump before experiencing an impressive splash.

Intamin congratulates Familypark on their new attraction and expresses its gratitude for the cooperation.

Images © Familypark