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New Water Ride Features

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New Features for Your Water Rides

Intamin has developed new layout elements for its Flume Rides and its Rapids Rides to bring water ride experiences to the next level.

Upgraded boat designs, an innovative booster system for Flume Rides and special elements like a teeter totter, free fall track or steel slides sections on a Rapids Ride are some of the novelties now available.

Your Next Generation Flume Ride

Intamin’s 8-passenger Flume boat has been notably upgraded. The main improvements on the boat are the comfortable seats as well as the individual lap bar restraints, designed for quick and easy loading & unloading.

In addition to the upgraded boat, Intamin now offers a booster element which is a world’s first for water rides. This, optionally submerged, element is used to boost the Flume boat’s speed in a flat flume section and can be used, for example, to grab some airtime over a hump without the need of a down-chute before.

Intamin also has upgraded its V-Switch track element, which is now called the Swing Switch. The Swing Switch can now swing the flume boat from one side to the other into a backward section while simultaneously performing the backwards motion, so without requiring the boat to fully stop during the swing.

Rapids Ride with Special Elements

Intamin’s Rapids Ride received a number of new special elements which have not been used on a Rapids Ride before. Create unique ride experiences with one of the following new special elements:

  • Teeter totter
  • Vertical in-line lift with steel slide
  • Parallel lift with down chute
  • Inclined lift with drop and show waterfall
  • Inclined lift with drop
  • Inclined lift with floating horseshoe drop

Update Your Existing Installation or Design A New One From Scratch

Surprise your guests with Intamin’s various innovative lift configurations, adding even more uniqueness to your water ride. Implementation of most new features in existing rides are possible.