“Amazonia” – The Future of Rapids Rides at Bellewaerde

“Amazonia” – The Future of Rapids Rides at Bellewaerde 1438 1080 intamin_admin








Bellewaerde in Belgium just unveiled its latest attraction, Amazonia, to its guests and with this marked a new era for the classic and beloved Rapids Ride. Prepare for an unforgettable experience as you plunge into the iconic Halfpipe, ascend to new heights with the Rotating Vertical Lift and enjoy the world’s first Bungee Drop on a Rapids Ride all in the same attraction!  

Featuring unique elements and state-of-the-art technologies, Amazonia promises riders an unparalleled  ride experience. Hop aboard the vibrantly colored Rapids Ride boats designed for maximum guest comfort. Amazonia introduces numerous innovative elements, some of which have never been implemented before on a Rapids Ride:

Feature 1 :

Inclined Lift

High-speed Inclined Lift.

Feature 2 :

Rotating Vertical Lift

Enjoy a rotating, panoramic view while ascending to new heights. 

Feature 3 :


The thrilling, iconic and picturesque element for a guest highlight and marketing value. 

Feature 4 :

Bungee Drop

World first Bungee element on a Rapids Ride. 
Surprising and thrilling finish to end the ride on a high note. 

Exiting the station, you ascend the inclined lift as the boat traverses the initial elevated section of the ride. After this, momentum is gained following the steel channel path, spinning as you navigate the curves and turns downwards. Following some fun, small, splashes, you’ll descend into a splashdown and traverse a slow-moving floating section. 

Transitioning from the floating channel, you’ll enter the Rotating Vertical Lift, granting great panoramic views as you ascend, slowly rotating, to the 18-meter-high elevated steel channel. This brief final segment leads to the iconic Halfpipe, where you’ll experience an exhilarating drop and make your way down the halfpipe channel, returning to the station via a gentle floating section. 

Finally, surprise awaits as you enter the main mining building at the station. Prepare for an almost weightless moment as you experience a 5-meter Bungee Drop from the top into the mines and up again!

Amazonia embodies the culmination of decades of knowledge and technological innovation which Intamin has gathered over the years together with a great partner such as Bellwaerde, willing to push the boundaries of traditional Rapids Rides to the next level together. We take immense pride in this collaborative project with Bellewaerde and Compagnie des Alpes, extending our heartfelt thanks to the entire team for their dedication, collaboration, and trust in us. 


Introducing: The Hubless Wheel

Introducing: The Hubless Wheel 2000 1082 intamin_admin

An iconic attraction by day – an attracting icon by night

The Hubless Wheel, reimagining the traditional spokeless wheel with a contemporary twist. With its sleek and modern structure, this new wheel offers an abundance of space, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life.

Designed for optimal space efficiency, our Hubless Wheel’s small footprint provides you with room to explore your ideas. Its see-through center not only offers guests an unobstructed view of the surrounding skyline but also provides additional space to curate new experiences and captivating shows for your guests. Make the most of this unique space by seamlessly integrating other attractions, projecting immersive light shows, or using it as a stunning frame to showcase the breathtaking views beyond.

LSM Launch Coasters are Going Vertical!

LSM Launch Coasters are Going Vertical! 2560 1707 intamin_admin

Propel Your Guests Towards the Sky with the Market’s Strongest LSM Launch.

Intamin’s LSM, the strongest launch system on the market, is going vertical: The first coaster already opened in Dubai (Storm Coaster, Dubai Hills Mall), this feature is available now for all of Intamin’s LSM Coasters.

Ready for Takeoff? LSM Launches are Going Vertical!

Were you ever bored with a standard vertical lift and wanted something more? We did! This is one of the reasons why we came up with the Vertical Launch Coaster. This launch uses Intamin’s proven LSM launch system now adapted for vertical launches.

Vertical Lift or Launch

Want to experience all of this live? Check out “The Storm Coaster”, operating now at Dubai Hills Malls, UAE.

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This state-of-the-art system allows for vertical launches up to high speeds and accelerations, customizable to your preferences and site requirements. This guarantees an exhilarating sensation, leaving your riders breathless and allowing for new creative possibilities in ride layout designs. Not only can you now gain height quickly in locations where space is tight, you can also launch straight into your ride elements! The innovative anti-rollback system guarantees maximum safety and a smooth evacuation process in case of emergency, bringing the train smoothly and safely back to a stop.

Want to know more? Contact our team for more information!

New Water Ride Features

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New Features for Your Water Rides

Intamin has developed new layout elements for its Flume Rides and its Rapids Rides to bring water ride experiences to the next level.

Upgraded boat designs, an innovative booster system for Flume Rides and special elements like a teeter totter, free fall track or steel slides sections on a Rapids Ride are some of the novelties now available.

Your Next Generation Flume Ride

Intamin’s 8-passenger Flume boat has been notably upgraded. The main improvements on the boat are the comfortable seats as well as the individual lap bar restraints, designed for quick and easy loading & unloading.

In addition to the upgraded boat, Intamin now offers a booster element which is a world’s first for water rides. This, optionally submerged, element is used to boost the Flume boat’s speed in a flat flume section and can be used, for example, to grab some airtime over a hump without the need of a down-chute before.

Intamin also has upgraded its V-Switch track element, which is now called the Swing Switch. The Swing Switch can now swing the flume boat from one side to the other into a backward section while simultaneously performing the backwards motion, so without requiring the boat to fully stop during the swing.

Rapids Ride with Special Elements

Intamin’s Rapids Ride received a number of new special elements which have not been used on a Rapids Ride before. Create unique ride experiences with one of the following new special elements:

  • Teeter totter
  • Vertical in-line lift with steel slide
  • Parallel lift with down chute
  • Inclined lift with drop and show waterfall
  • Inclined lift with drop
  • Inclined lift with floating horseshoe drop

Update Your Existing Installation or Design A New One From Scratch

Surprise your guests with Intamin’s various innovative lift configurations, adding even more uniqueness to your water ride. Implementation of most new features in existing rides are possible.