Skyrush Refurbishment: How we enhanced a beloved Experience.

Skyrush Refurbishment: How we enhanced a beloved Experience.

Skyrush Refurbishment: How we enhanced a beloved Experience. 2560 1634 intamin_admin

After 12 years of operation, Skyrush at Hersheypark, Pennsylvania, has undergone a first-class upgrade. Since its debut in 2012, Skyrush has been a pioneer in roller coaster innovation, boasting the title of the first Intamin “Wing Coaster” featuring lap bars (instead of over-the-shoulder restraints) and soaring to a height of 200ft (61m) with a thrilling, dynamic layout and intense airtime experiences.

Why giving Skyrush new seats?

Being the first Intamin coaster to introduce floorless seats with lap bars, Skyrush set the stage for the now ubiquitous lap bar restraints, which Intamin LSM Launch Coasters has adopted a couple of years later.

As one of the key attractions for Hersheypark as well as (arguably) one of the best most popular coasters in Pennsylvania and even the U.S., Skyrush has always been an important attraction. The only thing missing was to ensure that all guests enjoyed a comfortable ride experience, which the first-generation lap bar system had inhibited for certain guests.

Inspired by the seamless, open, and comfortable experience offered by modern LSM Launch Coasters from Intamin, Hersheypark approached Intamin with a request to upgrade the Wing Coaster trains with contemporary LSM seats and restraints, aiming to enhance rider comfort and make an almost perfect ride even better.

Intamin’s Know-How 

This specific request from Hersheypark required the right experts and knowledge.  Intamin’s after-sales division “Intamin Parts and Services” (IPS), together with the U.S. Aftersales organization Intamin Ltd, had to conduct several preliminary studies in-house.

Initially, we needed to pinpoint all the components of the ride that the alteration would affect. Some were immediately apparent, like the space the new seats would occupy on the chassis. However, others were less obvious, such as the structural integrity of the entire coaster, which engineers had designed for a specific train weight.

We had to revisit every element in the intricate puzzle of ride creation from square one. Consequently, we had to meticulously apply the routine steps we undertake daily for our new attractions to this project.

Intamin’s team of engineers at IPS worked to create Skyrush new seats that seamlessly integrated into its existing configuration. They underwent rigorous assessment and scrutiny to ensure compliance with industry standards while providing optimal comfort. Every detail, from structural integrity to operational procedures, was scrutinised to guarantee the utmost safety and enjoyment for riders.

The result? A coaster experience like no other, where thrills meet comfort in perfect harmony.

Experience the enhanced Skyrush 

Today, we invite you to experience the enhanced Skyrush for yourself. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar through the sky. Every twist and turn has been engineered for your comfort and safety. Whether you’re a seasoned coaster enthusiast or a first-time rider, the enhanced Skyrush promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more.

Join us at Hersheypark and elevate your thrills with Skyrush new seats. It’s time to take your coaster journey to new heights.

The successful realization of this comprehensive refurbishment project owes much to the collaborative efforts between Intamin and our valued customer Hersheypark. The Intamin team relished the opportunity to enhance such a classic coaster like Skyrush, a big Thanks to the trust placed in us!

Enjoy your ride!