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Ultra Surf

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Ultra Power, High Capacity and Unpredictable Airtime – the Ultimate Surf Experience

  • Packed with Weightlessness and Airtime Experiences
  • Every Ride Experience is Unique
  • Extended Ride Experience on a Space-efficient Footprint
  • Interactive Water Features (optional)

A Closer Look at the
Ultra Surf

  • Thrilling airtime hill
  • Dynamic movements in two directions
  • Strongest LSM launch on the market with integrated water cooling
  • State-of-the-art free spinning vehicle design with outward-facing round seating configuration
  • Alternative vehicle designs and flexible theming options
  • Flexible theming options
  • Iconic structure
  • New track design with unique smoothness
Family Thrill

Surf Family Vehicles

Intamin’s ergonomically shaped train seats with the over-the-shoulder-lap-bar ensures maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety.