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Multi Dimension Coaster

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The Most Flexible and Immersive SFX Coaster on the Market:
Intamin’s Multi Dimension Coaster

  • Widest Range of
    Unique Track Elements
    on the Market
  • Free Spinning and
    Motorised Spinning Capabilities
  • Immersive
    Dark Ride System with
    Gravity Run Sections
  • Launch and/or
    Lift Propulsion

A Closer Look at the
Multi Dimension Coaster

  • Tailored to fit your storyline
  • Multiple special elements (drop track, teeter totter, etc.)
  • Variable intensity from family attraction up to thrill ride
  • Controlled and/or free spinning vehicles tailored to each show section
  • LSM or friction wheel propulsion
  • Outdoor and/or indoor installations
  • Custom vehicle designs with various seating configurations
  • Captivating and immersive dark ride or multimedia-based coaster attractions
  • Compatible with launch (LSM, friction wheel) and/or traditional lift propulsion (chain, LSM, friction wheel)
Family Thrill

Multi Dimension Coaster
Special Track Elements

Unique moving SFX track elements to enhance the ride experience in a new way never felt on a roller coaster before.

Intamin Custom
Roller Coaster Layouts

Intamin stands for customized and tailored-to-your-needs
unique layouts and ride systems.

Use our sample layouts as a starting point of what’s possible to install at your venue. Contact us to bring your idea and your story to life on a footprint and a capacity tailored to your needs. Faster, taller, longer – we’re your experienced and innovative partner to bring your idea on track.

MDC Train Configurations

Choose the train that best fits your needs. What do they all have in common? Intamin’s ergonomically shaped train seats with an open train design and state-of-the-art restraints to ensure maximum freedom and comfort as well as fulfilling the highest safety requirements. All trains are compatible with forward/backward launches and allow for custom theming to fit your story line.