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Flume Ride

Flume Ride 2560 1617 lapala

Airtime Hills, Vertical Lifts and Booster Sections:
Your Next Generation Flume Ride

  • Inclined and/or Vertical
    Lift Options
  • Unique Booster
    with Airtime Hump
  • Turntable or V-Switch for
    Reverse Sections and Drops
  • Duelling or Racing
    Layouts Possible

A Closer Look at the
Flume Ride

  • Flexible and unique layout elements (switches, lifts, drops, booster, etc.)
  • 6 in-line or 8 two-abreast passenger boats
  • Boats or logs with individual seating configuration and restraints
  • Stop & go or continuous moving loading/unloading
  • Magnetic brakes for deceleration if required
  • Interactive water features (water bombs, water jets, water falls, etc.)
  • Alternative boat designs
Family Thrill

Flume Ride Special Elements

Unique ride elements to enhance the experience in a new way never felt on a Flume Ride before.

Intamin Custom
Flume Ride Layouts

Intamin stands for customized and tailored-to-your-needs
unique layouts and ride systems.

Use our sample layouts as a starting point of what’s possible to install at your venue. Contact us to bring your idea and your story to life on a footprint and a capacity tailored to your needs – we’re your experienced and innovative partner to bring your idea to life.

Flume Boat

Intamin’s ergonomically shaped flume boats with the individual adjustable lap-bar-restraints ensure maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety.

Available in 6 or 8 passenger two-abreast and 6 passenger in-line logs.