Dynamic Motion Stage

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Dynamic Motion Stage

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Highly Dynamic Motions for a Unique Ride Experience: Allow Your Guests to Experience Your Immersive Story Like Never Before.

  • For Media- and/or
    Ride Experiences
  • Combine Unlimited
    Stage and Cabin Rotations
  • Heave & Drop Sensations
    up to 3m with
    Tilt & Roll
    of ± 20° in All Directions
  • Minimal Clearance
  • Multiple
    Seating Configurations

A Closer Look at the
Dynamic Motion Stage

  • Dynamic ride experience: Combine heave, drop, yaw, tilt & roll movements
  • Immersive ride experience with multiple levels of storytelling possible
  • Variety of seating configurations for different capacities and experiences
  • Instant capacities of up to 108 passengers possible
  • Minimal clearance envelope due to central support structure, zero-gap edge clearance between show and ride platform
  • 4D effects: wind, scent, vibration and unique sound system can be incorporated in the seats
  • An exclusive attraction ideal for locations looking to differentiate themselves from the competition
  • Different show profiles possible for a re-rideable experience
Family Thrill

The Dynamic Motion Stage

Intamin stands for customized and tailored-to-your-needs ride systems that lets you dive into a fully immersive experience never seen before!

The Dynamic Motion Stage has been designed with a wide variety of locations in mind, ranging from theme parks and the like to all different kinds of tourism destinations and shopping malls as a standalone attraction.

Dynamic Motion Stage Vehicle Configuration

Multiple seating configurations for different capacities and experiences. Using Intamin’s ergonomically shaped seats with individual lap-bar restraints for maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety. Perfect themeable and with optional 4D Effects like wind, scent, vibration and unique sound system ready to immerse your guests completely.