Dome Ride Theater

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Dome Ride Theater

Dome Ride Theater 2560 1617 lapala

World’s Most Immersive Ride

  • Unique Ride System
    for up to 80 Passenger
  • Rotating & Tilting Creates
    Intriguing Forces
  • Uninterrupted
    360 Degree Views
  • 4D Effects
    in Seat Possible

A Closer Look at the
Dome Ride Theater

  • No image interruptions in viewing, as full sphere
  • 17 m transparent LED screen with 2 times 6K resolution with over 75 million pixels
  • Unique ride system with rotating & tilt in a full media sphere for up to 80 people
  • Different viewing experience in every seat
  • 4D effects like wind, scent, vibration and unique sound system in seat
  • Attraction ideal for flyovers, travels to different dimensions, underwater or space – imagination is the limit!
  • An exclusive attraction ideal for locations looking to differentiate themselves from the competition
Family Thrill

The Dome Ride Sphere

Intamin stands for customized and tailored-to-your-needs ride systems and Attraktion! is the innovation leader for media-based attraction formats. A cooperation that lets you dive into a fully immersive experience never seen before!

The Dome Ride Theater has a wide variety of applicable locations ranging from theme parks and the like, but also is perfectly suited as a standalone attraction in tourism destinations and shopping malls as a turnkey product.

Dome Ride Theater Seats

4D Effects like wind, scent, vibration and unique sound system built into each seat. Intamin’s ergonomically shaped seats with the over-the-shoulder-lap-bar for maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety.