Opening of Objectif Mars

Family Spinning Coaster – Futuroscope, France

Opening of Objectif Mars

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On the 13th June 2020, Futuroscope in France successfully opened its first roller coaster Objectif Mars a Family Launch Spinning Coaster.

Dive into the heart of the new space training center. Become a future astronaut and take the tests to measure your ability to go on a mission to explore the red planet while facing solar flares and electromagnetic fields.

It all starts in the waiting area where riders feel like being transported to a NASA training center. Clean white walls, yellow lines on the ground, astronaut equipment, robot voices and rocket sound ready for takeoff.

Once passengers have boarded the 12-seater trains of Objectif Mars, the journey starts after the countdown on the 500 meter track. Entering an immersive and interactive pre-show dark ride section, riders enjoy a virtual astronaut training with controlled vehicle spinning, before taken on their space flight. Once the train has passed the dark ride section, it moves outdoor, where a friction wheel propulsion launches the train. After the launch, riders get thrilled by a curved hill followed by a speed curve where the train reaches its maximum speed of approx. 55 km/h. Passing through the second launch, passengers will experience several more coaster elements before coming to a halt in a dead-end section. The most distinctive element awaits the astronauts, a 5 m vertical drop track, taking riders by surprise, before heading back to the station.

This Family Launch Spinning Coaster is not only highly innovative in terms of layout and ride experience but also in respect to the technology incorporated ensuring highest safety and maximum comfort.

INTAMIN is proud of having contributed to the success of Futuroscope.