Opening of Namazu

Multi Dimension Launch Coaster – Vulcania, France

Opening of Namazu

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Intamin’s newest Multi Dimension Launch Coaster, named “Namazu” by the park, successfully opened to the public on July 10th, 2021 at Vulcania, France.

Perfectly integrated into the volcanic landscape of the themed amusement and science park Vulcania in Puy-de-Dôme, France, this Multi Dimension Launch Coaster offers a unique, fully immersive family thrill experience. Following seismologists – who discovered an active seismic zone – the story takes visitors through the themed queue line into the research laboratory of the team “Namazu”, where the scientific adventure begins.

After leaving the beautifully themed station, the train enters a stone cave where an earthquake catches the scientists by surprise. This causes the cave to collapse and the train to fall multiple metres downwards to the ground. Escaping the ruins of the cave, the passengers then experience the first launch followed by a panoramic high turn and an airtime hill giving them a good sense of weightlessness. The next exciting elements are a highspeed S-turn, a zig-zag speed bump and finally a jump over an S-hump into the second launch/boost. Picking up more speed, the riders experience the second part of this Multi Dimension Launch Coaster with twists and turns as well as ground-hugging elements over the hills and down the trenches through the beautiful natural landscape surrounding the research centre, where the expedition ends again.

584 meters of track, one launch and one boost with a maximum speed of up to 69 km/h and a special drop track element take the riders on a family friendly, perfectly paced and complementary science adventure.

The two 12-seat, ATV themed trains ensure maximum freedom and comfort in combination with highest safety for the passengers.

Intamin congratulates Vulcania on their first roller coaster operating in their park and is proud to have contributed to this beautiful project.