Opening of Movie Park Studio Tour

Multi Dimension Launch Coaster – Movie Park Germany, Germany

Opening of Movie Park Studio Tour

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Lights, camera – action! Europe’s one-of-a-kind themed Multi Dimension Launch Coaster “Movie Park Studio Tour” has successfully opened on June 26th, 2021 at Movie Park Germany.

Right on time for Movie Park Germany’s 25th anniversary, the new Intamin Multi Dimension Launch Coaster opened its gates to the public, providing a unique family experience with a twist never seen before in Europe.

The versatile Multi Dimension Launch CoasterMovie Park Studio Tour” system features the perfect mix of action-packed coaster sections and heavily themed dark ride parts. Passengers are passing through a number of scenes and sets equipped with sound and special effects to elevate this fully immersive ride to a world-class attraction. It takes riders behind the scenes of big Hollywood productions and allows them to be part of the film crew of the next blockbuster for a few minutes.

Europe’s first double launched indoor coaster with one backwards-launch section features a state-of-the-art 360° turntable, a high-speed track switch and several special track features. With speeds up to 60 km/h, the train navigates its way through the 532 meters long track through a 3’800 square meters themed hall. It passes through 12 different scenes and sets and also features an outdoors section while passing by the entrance area to the Movie Park Studio Tour.

Germany’s first ever Multi Dimension Launch Coaster seats 12 passengers per train and comes with an on-board audio system to enhance the experience. This adventurous ride is the guarantee for a successful and beloved new all-family ride.

Intamin is thankful and equally proud of having contributed to the continued success of Movie Park Germany.