LSM Launch Coasters are Going Vertical!

LSM Launch Coasters are Going Vertical!

LSM Launch Coasters are Going Vertical! 2560 1707 intamin_admin

Propel Your Guests Towards the Sky with the Market’s Strongest LSM Launch.

Intamin’s LSM, the strongest launch system on the market, is going vertical: The first coaster already opened in Dubai (Storm Coaster, Dubai Hills Mall), this feature is available now for all of Intamin’s LSM Coasters.

Ready for Takeoff? LSM Launches are Going Vertical!

Were you ever bored with a standard vertical lift and wanted something more? We did! This is one of the reasons why we came up with the Vertical Launch Coaster. This launch uses Intamin’s proven LSM launch system now adapted for vertical launches.

Vertical Lift or Launch

Want to experience all of this live? Check out “The Storm Coaster”, operating now at Dubai Hills Malls, UAE.

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This state-of-the-art system allows for vertical launches up to high speeds and accelerations, customizable to your preferences and site requirements. This guarantees an exhilarating sensation, leaving your riders breathless and allowing for new creative possibilities in ride layout designs. Not only can you now gain height quickly in locations where space is tight, you can also launch straight into your ride elements! The innovative anti-rollback system guarantees maximum safety and a smooth evacuation process in case of emergency, bringing the train smoothly and safely back to a stop.

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