Opening of Infinity Falls

Rapids Ride – SeaWorld, Orlando USA

Opening of Infinity Falls

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On 04th October 2018, SeaWorld Orlando started public operation of Infinity Falls, the Rapids Ride with the Tallest Drop on any River Raft Ride.

Infinity Falls features roaring rapids, soaking fountains and a record-setting 12 meter (40 ft) waterfall drop, all against the backdrop of a rainforest utopia. Riders will have the opportunity to take on the role of a conservationist on a journey through the rainforest and learn about the importance of freshwater conservation through interactive games and stories throughout the ride experience.

The new Rapids Ride attraction brings the thrill of white-water rafting into a new experience the family can enjoy together. Aboard the rides 8-passenger circular rafts, riders will embark on an adventure featuring dynamic drops and turns, interactive water elements and allow visitors to experience the feel of exhilarating rapids. The latest generation of rafts come with a number of significant design improvements:

  • wider seats with comfortable back rest padding
  • additional side hand rails at entry/exit steps – for better compartmentalization of seating area
  • increased size of the central grab bar, to limit ability to stand and move around in the raft
  • closed gaps between the back rests

The innovative vertical lift transports the rafts to the top of the ride’s 12 meter (40 ft) drop in just over five seconds, where riders can prepare to drop, scream and get soaked.

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