China Attraction Expo (CAE)

China Attraction Expo (CAE)

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Meet Intamin at the China Attraction Expo (CAE) and discover our latest exciting rides.

China is one of those places that has managed to blend tradition and modernity. There’s a strong symbolism for us in returning to Asia in the Year of the Dragon, as many of our installations here are themed around this mythical animal. 

This vast country is now home to some of our most iconic roller coasters, such as our choreographed LSMs Inverted and Sit-Down Duelings Dragons, our LSM multi-launched All Speed, and Coaster Through the cloud, our hyper coaster packed with some of the greatest airtime moments.

We can’t wait to be part of the exciting things the future holds!

Intamin will be attending the China Attraction Expo (CAE) 2024, March 20 – 22 in Beijing, China
You will find us at Booth 2139
March 20 – 22 2024
Beijing, China
China International Exhibition Center