“Swingi” – New Gyro Swing at Linnanmäki

“Swingi” – New Gyro Swing at Linnanmäki 2400 1350 intamin_admin








After the great success of “Taiga”, Intamin’s LSM Multi-Launch Coaster, in 2019, Linnanmäki in Finland successfully opened their new Intamin Gyro Swing named “Swingi”, to their guests on April 30, 2024.

The Gyro Swing operates with a 25-meter long arm combined with a rotating gondola accommodating 40 passengers. It swings back and forth, reaching heights of 42 meters at a 120-degree angle. Each swing provide riders with complete weightlessness at the top. Meanwhile, the enjoyable rotation ensures a dynamic ride experience with each swing and adds beautifully to each ride. Despite the ride’s thrilling visual appeal, Intamin’s Gyro Swing enjoys a wide ridership and is considered as one of the most favorite round ride in the world.

In addition, Swingi features a direct drive system, proven to be the most powerful on the market. It results in an incredibly smooth and dynamic ride experience. Furthermore, Intamin advanced this technology over the years resulting in a very low noise level from the direct-drive power unit.

Furthermore, the drive system enables the recovery of up to 40% of the power needed to operate the ride. Resulting in energy savings, and reduced operational costs for a more sustainable ride investment.

Moreover, passengers are seated in the suspended seating, secured by our most comfortable and service-proven restraint system without upper-body restrictions, which offers a high level of freedom to riders.

Linnanmäki introduced Swingi as a replacement for an old round ride, seeking a thrilling and iconic attraction that would fit within a restricted footprint. Therefore Intamin’s Gyro Swing is a great addition to the park’s lineup of rides.

Thanks to the fantastic collaboration with Linnanmäki’s creative team, Swingi’s theming was fully customized to match the unique musical theme of the ride.

We extend many thanks to our long-standing partners, Linnanmäki, for once again having placed their trust in us and to the whole team for their great collaboration on this beautiful project.

2024 Amusement exhibitions and attendances

2024 Amusement exhibitions and attendances 1024 768 intamin_admin

Experience the forefront of ride innovation with Intamin during amusement exhibitions!

Join us globally at amusement exhibitions, summits, and expos to explore our cutting-edge ride technologies. Our dedicated team is thrilled to showcase our innovations and help you bring the project of your dreams to reality.

Contact us now to schedule an appointment and embark on a journey of unparalleled amusement ride excellence.

For more informations :


Exhibition Location Date Booth
IAAPA Latin American Summit
Medellin Colombia,
Plaza Mayor Convention Center
April 15 – 18
Read more
Foz do Iguaçu – Brazil
Centro de Eventos Maru Termas
May 08 – 10
Read more
Orlando, FL, US
Orange County Convention Center
November 19 – 22


Parc Astérix
May 14 – 16
Read more
IAAPA Expo Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands
RAI Amsterdam
September 24 – 26

Middle East & Africa

Exhibition Location Date Booth
IAAPA Middle East Trade Summit
Abu Dhabi
Hilton Abu Dhabi, Yas Island
January 22 – 24
Read more
Dubai, UAE
Dubai World Trade Center
March 05 – 07
Read more
Saudi Entertainment & Amusement Expo
Riyadh, KSA
Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center
May 07 – 09
Read more

Asia & Oceania

Exhibition Location Date Booth
Mumbai, India
Bombay Exhibition Centre
February 27 – 29
Read more
CAE Beijing
Beijing, China
China International Exhibition Center
March 20 – 22
Read more
AALARA Conference
Gold Coast, Australia
Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Center
May 20 – 23
Read more
IAAPA Expo Asia
Bangkok, Thailand
Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
May 28 – 30
Vietnam Theme Park Expo
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Tan Son Nhat Pavillon Convention Center
August 28 – 29

AALARA Conference & Trade Show

AALARA Conference & Trade Show 2560 1440 intamin_admin

Join Intamin at AALARA Conference & Trade Show 2024 in Gold Coast, Australia, from May 20-23, 2024, amidst the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant local culture. Hosted at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, this premier event for amusement, leisure, and recreation professionals offers an immersive experience in one of Australia’s most captivating destinations.

As a pioneer in amusement park attractions, Intamin’s presence at AALARA 2024 is your gateway to thrilling adventures amidst the stunning backdrop of the Gold Coast. Expect cutting-edge technologies, thought-provoking sessions, networking opportunities, and interactive exhibits showcasing Intamin’s portfolio of thrilling rides.

Experience the Magic of the Gold Coast: Take a break from the conference to explore the wonders of the Gold Coast. From the golden beaches and lush hinterlands to the iconic Surfers Paradise skyline, immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of this coastal paradise. Discover the rich local culture through art, music, and cuisine, and indulge in exhilarating outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, or exploring the vibrant nightlife.

Don’t miss out on AALARA 2024 – where Intamin shapes the future of amusement against the backdrop of the enchanting Gold Coast. Join us and unlock unforgettable experiences that seamlessly blend innovation with the natural splendor and cultural vibrancy of this iconic destination.

Intamin will be attending the AALARA Conference & Trade Show 2024, May 20 -23 in Gold Coast, Australia.
May 20 – 23 2024
Gold Coast, Australia
Gold Coaster Convention & Exhibition Center

Les Rencontres du SNELAC

Les Rencontres du SNELAC 2560 1440 intamin_admin

As anticipation builds for “Les Rencontres du SNELAC” 2024 at Parc Astérix in France, Intamin is gearing up to showcase its expertise and groundbreaking innovations to amusement park professionals and decision-makers.

Set to unfold from May 14 to 16, this workshop offers a prime opportunity for attendees to delve into the world of Intamin, learn about our company, and explore our diverse portfolio of products.

At “Les Rencontres du SNELAC” 2024, attendees will have multiple opportunities to engage with Intamin representatives and experience our offerings firsthand. On Wednesday, May 15th, join us during the dedicated Workshop session to discover what sets Intamin apart.

Throughout the event, Intamin will be present, ready to connect with you discuss your unique needs and challenges, and explore how our solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

In recent years, France has experienced an exhilarating revolution in its theme park landscape. From the heart-stopping drop of Golden Driller to the thrilling launches and breathtaking airtime moments of Toutatis, Intamin is proud to be part of this exciting journey alongside the country. Educational parks or museum in France, such as Vulcania and la Cité de l’Espace, have embraced Intamin’s diverse portfolio, spanning from the exhilarating Family Launch Coaster to the gravity-defying Centrifuge.

Our story with French parks is far from over. This year, France will proudly host Europe’s very first Hot Racer with Mahuka at Walibi Rhone-Alpes, marking another milestone in our enduring partnership with the country.

Intamin will be attending at “Les Rencontres du SNELAC” 2024, May 14 to 16, at Parc Astérix, France.
MAY 14-16, 2024
Parc Astérix, France


SINDEPAT Summit 2560 1440 intamin_admin

Get ready for a blend of innovation and Brazilian culture as Intamin, the pioneer in amusement ride, gears up for the SINDEPAT Summit in Fox do Iguacu, Brazil. From May 8th to 10th, this premier event will showcase the latest in amusement park technology.

The SINDEPAT Summit is where amusement and leisure industry actors converge to share insights and forge partnerships. Intamin is eager to join the conversation, blending our expertise with the rich cultural tapestry of Brazil.

Intamin team stands ready to dazzle attendees with our groundbreaking rides. Join us from May 8 to 10 for a journey at the crossroads of innovation and natural masterpieces.

Intamin will be attending the SINDEPAT Summit 2024, May 8 – 10 in Fox do Iguacu, Brazil.
May 8 – 10 2024
Fox do Iguacu, Brazil
Centro de Eventos Maru Termas

Skyrush Refurbishment: How we enhanced a beloved Experience.

Skyrush Refurbishment: How we enhanced a beloved Experience. 2560 1634 intamin_admin

After 12 years of operation, Skyrush at Hersheypark, Pennsylvania, has undergone a first-class upgrade. Since its debut in 2012, Skyrush has been a pioneer in roller coaster innovation, boasting the title of the first Intamin “Wing Coaster” featuring lap bars (instead of over-the-shoulder restraints) and soaring to a height of 200ft (61m) with a thrilling, dynamic layout and intense airtime experiences.

Why giving Skyrush new seats?

Being the first Intamin coaster to introduce floorless seats with lap bars, Skyrush set the stage for the now ubiquitous lap bar restraints, which Intamin LSM Launch Coasters has adopted a couple of years later.

As one of the key attractions for Hersheypark as well as (arguably) one of the best most popular coasters in Pennsylvania and even the U.S., Skyrush has always been an important attraction. The only thing missing was to ensure that all guests enjoyed a comfortable ride experience, which the first-generation lap bar system had inhibited for certain guests.

Inspired by the seamless, open, and comfortable experience offered by modern LSM Launch Coasters from Intamin, Hersheypark approached Intamin with a request to upgrade the Wing Coaster trains with contemporary LSM seats and restraints, aiming to enhance rider comfort and make an almost perfect ride even better.

Intamin’s Know-How 

This specific request from Hersheypark required the right experts and knowledge.  Intamin’s after-sales division “Intamin Parts and Services” (IPS), together with the U.S. Aftersales organization Intamin Ltd, had to conduct several preliminary studies in-house.

Initially, we needed to pinpoint all the components of the ride that the alteration would affect. Some were immediately apparent, like the space the new seats would occupy on the chassis. However, others were less obvious, such as the structural integrity of the entire coaster, which engineers had designed for a specific train weight.

We had to revisit every element in the intricate puzzle of ride creation from square one. Consequently, we had to meticulously apply the routine steps we undertake daily for our new attractions to this project.

Intamin’s team of engineers at IPS worked to create Skyrush new seats that seamlessly integrated into its existing configuration. They underwent rigorous assessment and scrutiny to ensure compliance with industry standards while providing optimal comfort. Every detail, from structural integrity to operational procedures, was scrutinised to guarantee the utmost safety and enjoyment for riders.

The result? A coaster experience like no other, where thrills meet comfort in perfect harmony.

Experience the enhanced Skyrush 

Today, we invite you to experience the enhanced Skyrush for yourself. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar through the sky. Every twist and turn has been engineered for your comfort and safety. Whether you’re a seasoned coaster enthusiast or a first-time rider, the enhanced Skyrush promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more.

Join us at Hersheypark and elevate your thrills with Skyrush new seats. It’s time to take your coaster journey to new heights.

The successful realization of this comprehensive refurbishment project owes much to the collaborative efforts between Intamin and our valued customer Hersheypark. The Intamin team relished the opportunity to enhance such a classic coaster like Skyrush, a big Thanks to the trust placed in us!

Enjoy your ride!

China Attraction Expo (CAE)

China Attraction Expo (CAE) 2560 1440 intamin_admin
Meet Intamin at the China Attraction Expo (CAE) and discover our latest exciting rides.

China is one of those places that has managed to blend tradition and modernity. There’s a strong symbolism for us in returning to Asia in the Year of the Dragon, as many of our installations here are themed around this mythical animal. 

This vast country is now home to some of our most iconic roller coasters, such as our choreographed LSMs Inverted and Sit-Down Duelings Dragons, our LSM multi-launched All Speed, and Coaster Through the cloud, our hyper coaster packed with some of the greatest airtime moments.

We can’t wait to be part of the exciting things the future holds!

Intamin will be attending the China Attraction Expo (CAE) 2024, March 20 – 22 in Beijing, China
You will find us at Booth 2139
March 20 – 22 2024
Beijing, China
China International Exhibition Center

“Catapult Falls” – First Launched Flume at SeaWorld San Antonio

“Catapult Falls” – First Launched Flume at SeaWorld San Antonio 1800 1200 intamin_admin






On March 2nd 2024, SeaWorld San Antonio, located in Texas, USA, successfully opened their new attraction, Catapult Falls. Riders will experience the world first launched flume ride and the steepest flume drop in the world with 53 degrees.

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the state-of-the-art flume ride, featuring our newest technology for an exhilarating and smooth ride experience. This ride incorporates the world’s first flume launch, propelling unexpecting riders at a speed of 9m/s (30ft/sec) into the first of two airtime hills before plunging them into a refreshing splashdown, perfect for beating the Texas heat.

Feature 1 :


The world’s first Flume Booster
Speed of 9m/s (30ft/sec)


Feature 2 :

Airtime hills

2 airtimes hills plunging into refreshing splashdowns


Feature 3 :

Vertical lift

Reach the top in a few seconds with breathtaking views


Feature 4 :

53º angle drop

World steepest drop on a log flume


But the excitement doesn’t end there. Take a leisurely boat ride section, leading to the first vertical lift in North America. As you ascend, soak in the breathtaking views of the park before embarking on a heart-pounding drop down the world’s steepest drop on a flume ride, boasting a thrilling 53-degree angle. Feel the rush as you speed through another airtime hill and enter the grand finale – a final splashdown that will cool you and spectators off and leave you wanting more of Catapult Falls.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at SeaWorld San Antonio with our Launched Flume Ride. This exhilarating attraction is guaranteed to delight thrill-seekers and the family alike.

Intamin is proud to having contributed to the success of SeaWorld San Antonio and would like to thank the entire team for the great cooperation.


Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2024

Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2024 2000 700 intamin_admin

The entire Intamin team extends warm wishes for a delightful holiday season! It’s the perfect time to enjoy rides and create lasting memories with your friends and family.

We would like to express our gratitude to all our partners for this incredible past year, we are honoured to be part of all these exciting projects.

We eagerly anticipate sharing all the incredible experiences that await you in 2024 and beyond! 🎄🎁

For the time being, join in the holiday festivities with Intamin by downloading our mobile and desktop wallpapers!


3840 x 2160


1440 x 2560

“LuneXplorer” – New experience at the Cité de l’espace

“LuneXplorer” – New experience at the Cité de l’espace 2000 1500 intamin_admin






Embark on a lunar journey! The Cité de l’espace opened its new immersive ride experience on November 14th, 2023. 

The equipment operates on a centrifuge principle, where the rotation speed induces acceleration on guests comfortably seated within ride cabins designed to mimic the environment of a rocket launch module. In total, there are ten cabins, each accommodating four experimenters. Not just an attraction, LuneXplorer is also a scientific experiment. The primary goal is to immerse passengers in the experience of being astronauts while elucidating the principles of forces. 

This unique immersive ride, the second one of its kind in Europe, allows visitors to undergo a simulated take-off and journey to the Moon, complete with the physical sensations involved. The experience unfolds in four 10-minute sections, beginning in the lobby of a renovated 1,500 m2 building dedicated to moon missions. To board one of the capsules and experience an up to 3G pressure lift-off, guests must be at least 1.30 meters tall. 


What if, this time, you were the astronaut? With LuneXplorer, embark on a mission to the Moon during an immersive journey lasting around forty minutes. 



Discover and compare the Apollo lunar missions with the new Artemis missions to the Moon, involving the European Space Agency (ESA) alongside NASA. 



Compose your crew—maximum of four people. Ten other capsules will take off simultaneously. Follow the instructions of ESA astronauts who will prepare you for the mission. 



It’s time to take off for the Moon! Take your place aboard your capsule and experience the accelerations and decelerations of such a journey, akin to astronauts on a mission. 



As with all experiences, this one concludes with a debriefing based on your flight parameters, providing insights into the return to the Moon and future projects. 

Intamin is proud to have collaborated with the Cité de l’espace to merge entertainment and knowledge, contributing to their success. We extend our gratitude to the entire team for their exceptional cooperation. 

Introducing: The Hubless Wheel

Introducing: The Hubless Wheel 2000 1082 intamin_admin

An iconic attraction by day – an attracting icon by night

The Hubless Wheel, reimagining the traditional spokeless wheel with a contemporary twist. With its sleek and modern structure, this new wheel offers an abundance of space, allowing you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life.

Designed for optimal space efficiency, our Hubless Wheel’s small footprint provides you with room to explore your ideas. Its see-through center not only offers guests an unobstructed view of the surrounding skyline but also provides additional space to curate new experiences and captivating shows for your guests. Make the most of this unique space by seamlessly integrating other attractions, projecting immersive light shows, or using it as a stunning frame to showcase the breathtaking views beyond.

One of our best years yet

One of our best years yet 2560 1125 intamin_admin








The year 2023 has already now been an intense and pivotal year for us at Intamin, brimming with new ride opening milestones and a host of prestigious awards.

For one, we are highly honoured to have received accolades across multiple award categories at the Park World Excellence Awards: Supplier of the Year, Best Roller Coaster of the Year, Best Ride, and Best Dark/Media Based Ride. The European Star Awards by Kirmes Park Revue were equally triumphant, with Intamin securing Europe’s Best New Coaster and Europe’s Best Water Ride. All of this only being possible together with our trusted and valued customers.

Additionally, in regard of over a dozen ride openings, here is a quick recap of one of our most successful seasons yet:


It all began with the record-breaking opening of “Toutatis” at Parc Astérix in April, setting the stage with a highly anticipated layout featuring many elements with a highlight being our fast-track switch with reversed spike and reversed launch, beautifully themed and integrated into the park and surroundings.

Shortly after, Parque Warner launched its new LSM Launch Coaster in Spain, featuring our brand new developed LSM trains and captivating enthusiasts to solidify its place as a standout world-class attraction.

to guest’s
bucket lists!

Back in Spain, PortAventura opened their technologically most advanced, storytelling dark ride “Uncharted: The Enigma of Penitence”, another novelty attraction to the Intamin portfolio— our first Multi Dimension Coaster featuring a fully rotatable, LSM-powered vehicle with multiple special effects elements and our first collaboration with Sally Dark Rides!

At the beginning of the summer season we opened two new Family Launch Coasters, “DarKoaster” at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and “Arctic Rescue” at Sea World San Diego which made their debut in the US being great additions to already stellar line-ups of both parks.


But the excitement didn’t end there! Sea World Abu Dhabi welcomed the public with open arms, showcasing two signature attractions from Intamin: The World’s first Dome Ride Theater “Hypersphere 360°”, featuring the first fully spherical LED dome and the thrilling and highly regarded LSM Launch Coaster “Manta Coaster”.

Dive into

In July, “Dragonwatch” Intamin’s Parachute Tower, soared to new heights at Toverland’s “Avalon The Next Chapter” in the Netherlands and its Park Excellence award-winning themed rides and surroundings.

The Motorbike

Shortly after in Japan we celebrated a grand opening with the futuristic LSM Motorbike Coaster “Zokkon” at Fuji-Q Highland.

We take immense pride in these remarkable openings and would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our customers for their unwavering trust and loyalty. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.


The Intamin Team


BEST NEW PRODUCT major Ride / Attraction
Product cost of more than  US $3 million
#1 Hypersphere 360° – SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, UAE
IMPACT AWARD 2023 #1 Hypersphere 360° – SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, UAE


Europe’s Best New Coaster #1
Toutatis – Parc Astérix, France
Uncharted – PortAventura World, Spain
Batman Cotham City Escape – Parque Warner, Spain
Europe’s Best Steel Coaster #5
Kondaa – Walibi Belgium, Belgium
– Phantasialand, Germany
– Energylandia, Poland
Europe’s Best Wooden Coaster #2
Colossos – Kampf der Giganten – Heide Park, Germany
Balder – Liseberg, Sweden
Europe’s Best Family Ride #5 Movie Park Studio Tour – Movie Park Germany, Germany
Europe’s Best Water Ride #1
Valhalla – Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK
Chiapas – Phantasialand, Germany
Biberburg – Familypark, Austria
Europe’s Best Thrill Ride #2
Tigeren – Djurs Sommerland, Denmark
Golden Driller – Fraispertuis City, France
Ikaros – Gröna Lund, Sweden
– Heide Park Resort, Germany
Europe’s Best Dark Ride #7 Pirates of the Caribbean – Disneyland Paris, France

Parkscout Plus Awards 2023

Europe’s Best New Coaster #1
Toutatis – Parc Astérix, France
Batman Cotham City Escape – Parque Warner,Spain
Uncharted – PortAventura World, Spain
Europe’s Best Steel Coaster #1
Taron – Phantasialand, Germany
– Parc Astérix, FranceKondaa
– Walibi Belgium, Belgium
Germany’s Best Steel Coaster #1 Taron – Phantasialand, Germany
Europe’s Best Wooden Coaster #5 Balder – Liseberg, Sweden
Germany’s Best Wooden Coaster #3 Colossos – Kampf der Giganten – Heide Park, Germany
Europe’s Best Water Ride #1
Chiapas – Phantasialand, Germany
Valhalla – Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK
Biberburg – Familypark, Austria
Germany’s Best Water Ride #1
Chiapas – Phantasialand, Germany
Fjord Rafting – Europapark
Europe’s Best Thrill Ride #2
Tigeren – Djurs Sommerland, Denmark
Golden Driller – Fraispertuis City, France
Ikaros – Gröna Lund, Sweden
– Heide Park Resort, Germany
Europe’s Best Dark Ride #4 Pirates of the Caribbean – Disneyland Paris, France

Golden Ticket Awards 2023

Best New Attraction Installation #3 Toutatis – Parc Astérix, France
Best New Coaster #4 Toutatis – Parc Astérix, France
Best Water Ride #1
Valhalla – Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK
Phantasialand, Germany
Best Steel Coaster #2

Millennium Force – Cedar Point, USA
Velocicoaster – Universal IOA, USA
Expedition Geforce –  Holiday Park, Germany
Superman The Ride Six Flags New England, USA
Taron – Phantasialand – Germany
Intimidator 305 – Kings Dominion, USA
Maverick – Cedar Point, USA
Best Wooden Coaster #3 El Toro – Six Flags Great Adventure, USA

Park Excellence Awards 2023

Best Roller Coaster of the Year #1 Batman Gotham City Escape – Parcque Warner, Spain
Best Ride(s) of the Year #1 Dragonwatch / Avalon the next Chapter – Toverland, N
Best Dark or Media based Attraction of the Year #1
Hypersphere 360° – SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, UAE
Best Supplier of the Year #1  

2023 Openings:

A Whole New Level of Immersive Ride Experiences: The Dynamic Motion Stage

A Whole New Level of Immersive Ride Experiences: The Dynamic Motion Stage 2560 1601 intamin_admin

Immerse Yourself in an Experience Unlike Anything You’ve Experienced Before!

Intamin’s Dynamic Motion Stage offers a new level of immersive storytelling with a highly dynamic and unique ride system. This ride will stay in your guest’s heads long after leaving your venue.

Experience the Dynamic Motion Stage

An immersive ride unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The main platform of the Dynamic Motion Stage is moved by means of four hydraulic cylinders with a centrally fixed support. The central support ensures a minimal clearance envelope, as the horizontal movements of the platform cannot extend beyond its edge. This means show sets can be built close to the guests and entry as well as exit to and from the ride is made easier with no additional infrastructure required.

The Dynamic Motion Stage is able to perform pitch, roll and yaw movements as well as heaving and dropping your riders up to 3 meters at a speed of 3 m/s, achieving weightlessness sensations. Each cabin pod has unlimited rotation and can simultaneously be superimposed with the rotation of the main platform (also featuring unlimited rotation). This allows you to have full control over the experience of your guests as well as let the guests interact with each other according to your story. The cabin pods can also perform tilting movements if desired. This combination of the overlapping movements creates a multidimensional experience with new, innovative sensations for a highly re-rideable experience!

New Levels of Storytelling

With this ride, your story can now be told on multiple levels. The primary is on eye level in horizontal starting position with a level below the platform as a secondary level, which becomes visible when the stage is tilted. Additionally, a ceiling area above the guests can also be incorporated, which becomes the focal point when the stage is tilted upwards. Through the ride system’s freedom of movements, you always have full control over where your guest’s attention is directed.

This ride offers possibilities for storytelling using physical theming, fully media-based or a mix of both. This makes the immersion even more impressive and puts the passengers in the middle of the action, the vehicles can even interact with each other during the story by turning them towards one another. Due to the seating arrangement, every ride is a different experience resulting in a highly re-rideable attraction.

Stage and Vehicle Designs to Meet Your Need

We have various vehicle configurations to meet your needs. Individual cabins which optionally tilt, facing your riders in the same direction, circularly facing inward or outward, you choose! For an experience as a state-of-the-art motion cinema, the entire stage area can also be configured as one large theatre seating with rows across the whole platform. The configuration options are very broad, we are confident to find the right one for your project. All of the seating configurations are using Intamin’s ergonomically shaped seats with individual lap-bar-restraints ensure maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety.

This attraction is ideal for storytellingadventures for the whole family! This is an exclusive attraction engineered for theme parks as well as for locations looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, as part of an already existing entertainment concept or a stand-alone attraction.

If you are interested in this exceptional ride system, contact our team for more information!

Danse Macabre” at Efteling Coming in 2024!

Intamin is honoured to announce that this ride system was developed in close collaboration with Efteling and will debut with their new attraction “Danse Macabre”, opening in 2024.

LSM Launch Coasters are Going Vertical!

LSM Launch Coasters are Going Vertical! 2560 1707 intamin_admin

Propel Your Guests Towards the Sky with the Market’s Strongest LSM Launch.

Intamin’s LSM, the strongest launch system on the market, is going vertical: The first coaster already opened in Dubai (Storm Coaster, Dubai Hills Mall), this feature is available now for all of Intamin’s LSM Coasters.

Ready for Takeoff? LSM Launches are Going Vertical!

Were you ever bored with a standard vertical lift and wanted something more? We did! This is one of the reasons why we came up with the Vertical Launch Coaster. This launch uses Intamin’s proven LSM launch system now adapted for vertical launches.

Vertical Lift or Launch

Want to experience all of this live? Check out “The Storm Coaster”, operating now at Dubai Hills Malls, UAE.

© Emaar Entertainment

This state-of-the-art system allows for vertical launches up to high speeds and accelerations, customizable to your preferences and site requirements. This guarantees an exhilarating sensation, leaving your riders breathless and allowing for new creative possibilities in ride layout designs. Not only can you now gain height quickly in locations where space is tight, you can also launch straight into your ride elements! The innovative anti-rollback system guarantees maximum safety and a smooth evacuation process in case of emergency, bringing the train smoothly and safely back to a stop.

Want to know more? Contact our team for more information!

The Flying Theater Re-invented: The Motion Tower

The Flying Theater Re-invented: The Motion Tower 1920 1080 intamin_admin

A New and Unique Media-based Attraction: The Motion Tower! Flying Theaters Re-invented.


Vertical Gondola Stroke




Heave and Drop Movements


Pitching and Rolling in Total

Intamin is proud to introduce a state-of-the-art screen-based ride that offers guests never-before-experienced sensations in a flying theater type ride. The theater seating allows each of the 90 passengers an uninterrupted view of the screen.

The Motion Tower is a state-of-the-art screen-based ride that offers guests never-before-experienced sensations in a flying theater type attraction. The theater seating allows each of the 90 passengers an uninterrupted view of the screen.

The gondola of this immersive attraction can move in three degrees of freedom (3DOF) and can be precisely programmed to synchronize with your desired media content. Pitch and roll movements of the gondola can achieve up to ±15° (at a speed of up to 15° per second), whereas the vertical heave/drop movement with 19m of vertical stroke can reach speeds of up to 5m/s and ±0.5G. The vehicle tracking audio system directs sound to the exact position of the gondola at any given time to ensure the best acoustic experience, wherever your guests are. All these characteristics allow for a highly dynamic ride experience with unique ride movements: The next level of immersive experiences for your guests.

Intamin’s ergonomically shaped seats with individual over-the-shoulder-lap-bar ensure maximum freedom and comfort as well as highest safety. Additionally, the seats can be equipped with 4D effects like wind, scent, vibration and unique sound system incorporated in the seats to make the storytelling of your adventure even more immersive.

This attraction is ideal for flyovers, travels to other dimensions, underwater or space – your imagination is the limit! It is an exclusive attraction engineered for locations looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, as part of an already existing entertainment concept or a stand-alone attraction.

If you are interested in this unique ride, contact our team for more information!

Park World Excellence Award 2022

Park World Excellence Award 2022 960 640 intamin_admin

INTAMIN is very proud to be the winner of the Park World Excellence Award 2022 in the following category:

Best Ride of the Year 2022

BiberburgFamilypark, Austria

INTAMIN would like to thank all their customers around the world for the continuous trust and support during the past years and the many more to come.

New Water Ride Features

New Water Ride Features 2560 1440 intamin_admin

New Features for Your Water Rides

Intamin has developed new layout elements for its Flume Rides and its Rapids Rides to bring water ride experiences to the next level.

Upgraded boat designs, an innovative booster system for Flume Rides and special elements like a teeter totter, free fall track or steel slides sections on a Rapids Ride are some of the novelties now available.

Your Next Generation Flume Ride

Intamin’s 8-passenger Flume boat has been notably upgraded. The main improvements on the boat are the comfortable seats as well as the individual lap bar restraints, designed for quick and easy loading & unloading.

In addition to the upgraded boat, Intamin now offers a booster element which is a world’s first for water rides. This, optionally submerged, element is used to boost the Flume boat’s speed in a flat flume section and can be used, for example, to grab some airtime over a hump without the need of a down-chute before.

Intamin also has upgraded its V-Switch track element, which is now called the Swing Switch. The Swing Switch can now swing the flume boat from one side to the other into a backward section while simultaneously performing the backwards motion, so without requiring the boat to fully stop during the swing.

Rapids Ride with Special Elements

Intamin’s Rapids Ride received a number of new special elements which have not been used on a Rapids Ride before. Create unique ride experiences with one of the following new special elements:

  • Teeter totter
  • Vertical in-line lift with steel slide
  • Parallel lift with down chute
  • Inclined lift with drop and show waterfall
  • Inclined lift with drop
  • Inclined lift with floating horseshoe drop

Update Your Existing Installation or Design A New One From Scratch

Surprise your guests with Intamin’s various innovative lift configurations, adding even more uniqueness to your water ride. Implementation of most new features in existing rides are possible.

The Upgraded Intamin Surf Family: The Surf Rider 2.0 and the Ultra Surf

The Upgraded Intamin Surf Family: The Surf Rider 2.0 and the Ultra Surf 1667 1111 intamin_admin

The Upgraded Intamin Surf Family: The Surf Rider 2.0 and the Ultra Surf

Intamin is proud to present the completely upgraded version of our “Surf Family” coasters: The Surf Rider 2.0 – available in two sizes – and their bigger sibling with an enhanced ride experience: The Ultra Surf. All of them come with a significantly increased capacity and are powered by the most powerful LSM launch system available on the market. They’re packed, and we really mean packed, with weightlessness and airtime moments.

After talking to our customers, Intamin decided to make important upgrades to the ”Surf Family” portfolio: We kept the fun ride concept and added improvements which are bound to satisfy both park owners and ridership alike.

The new, bigger, state-of-the-art free-spinning gondolas – now with 20 seats instead of 12 – allows us to achieve nearly double the ride capacity per hour. Due to the use of cutting-edge lightweight construction methods and materials we were also able to substantially reduce the weight of the moving masses at the same time.

A unique ride-experience – for thrill seekers and for families – provides an enhancement for every park. This, not only because of the abundant theming possibilities but especially due to the ride’s combination of power, compact footprint, capacity and last but not least simply the fun factor!

The Ultra Surf

The Ultra Surf comes with a large amount of weightlessness and airtime moments: It’s packed with it, not only attributed to the added airtime hill but also because of the two beyond vertical, ejector intense gravity stall ramps. On account of the free-spinning vehicles, the feeling of floating and spinning through the air is experienced in a different way each time, so you’ll want to ride it again and again. Lastly, with the shuttle-style coaster design on a compact footprint, you get an extended coaster feeling with up to 600 metres of experienced track on 180 meters of physical track.

For those looking to increase the excitement factor of the Ultra Surf even further, the optional spin-incitation will enhance the intensity of this new member of the “Surf Family”. Another measure to elevate the experience for both riders and spectators alike are the optionally available water features allowing for a number of different fountain patterns. Speeding through a water vortex tunnel, creating a water wall or riding right through a water curtain – the installation of these interactive features allows for a controlled degree of how wet you want your riders to get or simply allows for adaptions to the seasonal weather situation. These effects are not restricted to water, you can theme the ride to a number of other elements, enhance it with fire shows, add a fog tunnel or dedicate the whole ride to a fantasy figure – the theming possibilities of the vehicle and ride design of this iconic structure are abundant.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what story you want to tell, the ride system guarantees smiling riders leaving the station wanting to ride again and again. With its compact footprint, in consideration of being a signature attraction, the Ultra Surf is not only a perfect ride for theme and amusement parks, it also serves as a great addition for water parks wanting to give their visitors something really unique and special.

The Surf Rider 2.0

The Surf Rider 2.0 – a classic ride reworked to offer you more excitement for more of your guests. By redesigning the vehicle Intamin’s engineers reduced the vehicle weight, almost doubled the instant capacity and added a more powerful spin, guaranteeing that the Surf Rider remains a crowd favourite!

The Surf Rider 2.0 still comes in two sizes, both on a very compact footprint. One reaches a total height of 30 meters and the larger version extends up to 40 meters in height. A controlled spin incitation can optionally be added for an even more exciting ride experience. The most obvious characteristic of the nearly self-supporting, iconic U-shaped track is the two beyond vertical spikes – in which the vehicle surfs back and forth – for up to twelve unique moments of airtime-weightlessness for the riders. A fun ride for everyone, perfect for any size or type of park, indoor or outdoor, looking for a unique new crowd puller.

Intamin’s Innovations Built in the “Surf Family

The Ultra Surf and the Surf Rider 2.0 come with all the features of the latest Intamin innovations: The vehicles use the most comfortable and popular Intamin over the shoulder seat restraints, which allow for a maximum feeling of freedom. Utilizing Intamin’s state of the art water cooled LSM launch system the vehicle reaches a max. speed of up to 95 km/h and promises a surprisingly powerful acceleration from the very first push. The smooth ride experience is also the result of a simpler and wider track design which allows for less supporting structure.

Top 3 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Attractions are from Intamin

Top 3 Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Attractions are from Intamin 1300 730 intamin_admin

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi revs up to give visitors a high-octane ride of their life with the park’s top three speed-demons and ultra-exhilarating attractions.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, winner of the “Middle East’s Leading Theme Park 2020” and the “World’s Leading Theme Park 2020” awards, is a thrill-seeker’s dream, with 43 rides, interactive attractions, and simulators that bring the turbo-charged “Ferrari feeling” to life.

Intamin is proud of having designed and manufactured the top three favourite rides in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi as reported by Attractions Magazine.

#1 – Formula Rossa

Reaching speeds of 240 km/h in a mind-blowing 4.5 seconds, this big, bad roller coaster boasts the title of the world’s fastest. Packed with 20,800 horsepower and the same winch system used to launch jet planes, it’s a scream machine that simulates the “F1-race sensation.” Tuck a towel deep in your pocket to wipe down those sweaty hands after your ride, because you’re about to be propelled 45 meters above the ground in less than five seconds!

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Formula Rossa

#2 – Flying Aces

Count Francesco Baracca, legendary “ace of aces,” inspired the world’s first bi-plane themed roller coaster, and Ferrari World made sure it mimicked the hair-raising movements of the 1900s bi-planes. As if that isn’t enough, this beast of a ride has broken three world records, including World’s Steepest Roller Coaster, the World’s Fastest Inclined Cable Lift (51-degree angle, anyone?), and, at 52 meters high, it’s the World’s Tallest Non-Inverted Loop.

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Flying Aces

#3 – Turbo Track

Riders will defy gravity when this monster launches them 64 meters — vertically — through a glass funnel in Ferrari World’s iconic red roof, ending with a heart-pounding zero-gravity fall. Need more? This demon has both forward and backward-facing seats so that guests can experience the launch in both directions for completely different sensations. Prepare to be petrified!

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Turbo Track

Read Original Article in Attractions Magazine | Pictures ©

Marilyn Monroe just dropped off a huge INTAMIN box at Movie Park Germany

Marilyn Monroe just dropped off a huge INTAMIN box at Movie Park Germany 2560 1707 intamin_admin

On the 21st of August 2020, Movie Park Germany officially uploaded a teaser video to their Social Media channels announcing their next big thrilling Hollywood adventure in the making.

Movie icon Marilyn Monroe was just spotted driving a white Truck into one of Movie Park Germany’s large unused studio halls located in Bottrop, Germany. She gets off the truck, puts on a security helmet and a pair of working gloves and unloads the contents of the truck: A huge wooden box with several warning labels on it, prominently displaying the INTAMIN Amusement Rides logo in the centre. See for yourself in the Video down below.

So what’s inside this massive box? As the lettering on the box already indicates, a cooperation between INTAMIN and Movie Park Germany is taking place, so we can all look forward to an exciting and never seen before Hollywood adventure. Pairing Germany’s biggest movie and amusement park with the innovative ride systems of INTAMIN promises a state-of-the-art attraction with an unforgettable experience for park visitors.As this one is – like most of INTAMIN’s attractions – tailored to the needs of the customer’s wishes as well astheir desired storytelling, both are eagerly looking forward to let riders dive into an immersive world they would otherwise never have the chance to experience in such an intensity.

As the end of the promotional video reveals, this new project is coming to life in 2021, we can’t give away any further details at this time. But if you want to be the first to know when more information is available for this exciting new project (and others), follow @movie_park_official and @intaminofficial on Instagram.

INTAMIN is very thankful for the trust placed in us and the brilliant cooperation with Movie Park Germany. We’re looking forward to the final reveal of the project and start of construction in the very near future.

© 2020 Video and Images: Movie Park Germany

Theme Park Review 2019 Coaster Poll Results

Theme Park Review 2019 Coaster Poll Results 1667 1111 intamin_admin

INTAMIN is very proud to announce that once again, a number of INTAMIN coasters made it to the top of the rankings.

More than 8 of INTAMIN’s Steel Roller Coasters are ranked among the worldwide favorites – and 4 INTAMIN Wooden Coasters made it even in the Top 10 of the section Woodies 

We are very excited with the results of this independent survey and INTAMIN would like to sincerely thank all the people around the world who submitted ballots to the poll and for their continuous trust and support during the past years and the many more to come.

Top 25 Steel Roller Coasters 2019

3. Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park
4. Maverick, Cedar Point
7. Skyrush, Hersheypark
8. Taron, Phantasialand
13. Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion
14. Millennium Force, Cedar Point
16. INTAMIN Ultra Coasters, Various Parks
25. Superman the Ride, Six Flags New England

Top 25 Wood Roller Coasters 2019

2. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
5. T Express, Everland
9. Colossos Kampf der Giganten, Heide Park Resort
10. Balder, Liseberg

See all the results here: Theme Park Review Coaster Poll 2019