“Catapult Falls” – First Launched Flume at SeaWorld San Antonio

“Catapult Falls” – First Launched Flume at SeaWorld San Antonio

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On March 2nd 2024, SeaWorld San Antonio, located in Texas, USA, successfully opened their new attraction, Catapult Falls. Riders will experience the world first launched flume ride and the steepest flume drop in the world with 53 degrees.

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure on the state-of-the-art flume ride, featuring our newest technology for an exhilarating and smooth ride experience. This ride incorporates the world’s first flume launch, propelling unexpecting riders at a speed of 9m/s (30ft/sec) into the first of two airtime hills before plunging them into a refreshing splashdown, perfect for beating the Texas heat.

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Feature 1 :


The world’s first Flume Booster
Speed of 9m/s (30ft/sec)


Feature 2 :

Airtime hills

2 airtimes hills plunging into refreshing splashdowns


Feature 3 :

Vertical lift

Reach the top in a few seconds with breathtaking views


Feature 4 :

53º angle drop

World steepest drop on a log flume


But the excitement doesn’t end there. Take a leisurely boat ride section, leading to the first vertical lift in North America. As you ascend, soak in the breathtaking views of the park before embarking on a heart-pounding drop down the world’s steepest drop on a flume ride, boasting a thrilling 53-degree angle. Feel the rush as you speed through another airtime hill and enter the grand finale – a final splashdown that will cool you and spectators off and leave you wanting more of Catapult Falls.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at SeaWorld San Antonio with our Launched Flume Ride. This exhilarating attraction is guaranteed to delight thrill-seekers and the family alike.

Intamin is proud to having contributed to the success of SeaWorld San Antonio and would like to thank the entire team for the great cooperation.