“Arctic Rescue” – Sea World San Diego

Family Launch Straddle Coaster – Sea World San Diego, USA

“Arctic Rescue” – Sea World San Diego

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On June 02nd 2023, Sea World San Diego started public operation of its new attraction named “Arctic Rescue”. On this arctic themed FAMILY LAUNCH STRADDLE COASTER, riders are launched on snowmobiles and ride to the rescue.

This family-friendly thrill coaster features a total of three launches, whereas the passengers start their journey inside of the Wild Arctic exhibit straddling a unique snowmobile style vehicle. They will race through the Arctic and each of the three exhilarating launches is faster than the one before with a top speed of around 65 km/h (40mph). The snowmobiles allow for an exciting ride experience for each rider as they lean into banks and turns and whizz along a total of over 850 meters (2’800ft) of track.

Intamin’s Family Launch Coaster, as its name suggests, is a more family-oriented attraction, but at the same time still quite thrilling. Using Intamin’s state of the art friction wheel drive system in combination with a unique and highly popular vehicle design, this coaster type has proven to be an exciting variation on Intamin’s family of launch coasters. The upright seating position, in a side-by-side arrangement with two passengers per vehicle, in combination with the individual lap-bar paired with foamed seats, guarantees a safe and unique ride experience combined with a high comfort for passengers.

Intamin is proud of having contributed to the success of Sea World San Diego and would like to thank the entire team for the great cooperation.